Once configured, SOGo offers multiple ways to access the calendaring and messaging data. Your users can either use a web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple iCal, or a mobile device to access the same information.

Inverse has worked to make Mozilla Thunderbird the best Open Source, multi-platform, native client to SOGo. In order to reach this high level of interoperability, two extensions were developed for Thunderbird and its official calendaring complement, Lightning. Nonetheless, SOGo also supports other native clients such as Apple iCal / Address Book and Microsoft Outlook.

SOGo Connector

This extension transforms Thunderbird into a full DAV client for groupware servers such as SOGo.

  • Event organizers
  • CardDAV implementation for the address book
  • Support for WebDAV ACL

SOGo Integrator

This extension transforms Thunderbird in a pure “heavy” client for SOGo. Whereas the SOGo Connector is meant for portability (horizontal integration), the SOGo Integrator makes use of the features and layout of SOGo only (vertical integration).

  • Remote administration of folder subscriptions
  • Automatic replication of your local and subscribed folders
  • Automatic propagation of updates to chosen extensions from a local update server
  • Automatic propagation of default settings

SOGo Integrator is the perfect tool for managers of large-scale infrastructures who wish to easily deploy a native client on all of their users computers. With this extension, the amount of settings that the users have to configure is reduced to a minimum.

Mozilla Lightning (Inverse Edition)

The Inverse Edition of Mozilla Lightning is based on the last official release for Mozilla Thunderbird 2 (0.9) and for Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 (1.0b2) from the Mozilla Calendar project. Inverse’s strong desire to continue supporting and improving Lightning for Thunderbird 2 and 3.1 consists on the following activities :

  • Backporting bug fixes or security fixes from upstream versions
  • Backporting important features from upstream versions
  • Improving Lightning and sending contributions for the upstream versions

It is important to note that this is neither a fork nor an official release from the Mozilla Calendar Project. Inverse will continue its close collaboration with the Calendar Project team and keep them up-to-date with its development and releases work. It is important to note that the Inverse Edition of Lightning is not supported by the Calendar Project. Support is rather provided directly by Inverse.

Microsoft Outlook / OpenChange

Using the OpenChange connector for SOGo, Microsoft Outlook users can fully share emails, calendars and contacts with other SOGo users. OpenChange is an implementation of the Microsoft Exchange protocol so Microsoft Outlook clients communicate directly and natively with the SOGo solution through OpenChange – without requiring costly and hard to maintain third party MAPI connectors for Microsoft Outlook.

Funambol SOGo Connector

The Funambol SOGo Connector allows any SyncML enabled devices to fully synchronize contacts, events and tasks with SOGo. The connector is fast and reliable. It features :

  • Two-way synchronization support
  • Contacts, events and tasks support
  • vCalendar / vCard with version downgrade support
  • Full SIF support