Koozali SME Server



Koozali SME Server provides a complete ‘all-in-one’ Open Source Linux Business Server solution for Small to Medium Enterprises.

Providing Email Server, Web Server, Database Server, Application Server, Internet Security, VPN Remote Access, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Work-group and Domain file sharing for Microsoft, Mac, and Linux/Unix Workstations, as it’s core functions.
SME Server and open source applications are free for unlimited users, extremely reliable, scalable, and secure, offering the lowest cost-of-ownership Business Server Solutions.

Koozali SME Server

  • SME Server is a central file server enabling seamless information exchange between Windows, Macintosh and Linux/Unix workstations, and mobile devices.

  • SME Server provides ‘Windows’ Domain/Workgroup and Domain Security for Microsoft workstations. User account security with roaming profiles, group-based login script for shared drive mapping, and Domain User/Group file permissions. Shared folders can be accessed by Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix workstations.

  • A high performance Email Server offering unlimited users and groups, aliases, forwarding, and fetching. Supports all industry standard email client software, providing secure local and remote email access using POP3/SSL, IMAP/SSL, SMTP/SSL, SMTP AUTH over SMTP/SSL, SMTP/SSL Relaying, Webmail, and email integration with local websites and databases.

  • Clam Antivirus email and storage scanning. Virus definitions are kept up to date automatically with programme updates via the software installer. Email attachment handling, including the ability to block EXE, ZIP, PIF, and automatic conversion of TNEF or UUENCODE encoded attachments to MIME.

  • SpamAssassin Spam Filtering with automatic tagging X-spam-status headers, and optional filtering and subject tagging. Configurable rejection levels. Centralised white-list / black-list management.

  • High performance Apache Web Server to host your company Internet and Intranet websites and web-based applications. Web-based open-source applications can be accessed from any workstation on the internet offering seamless access to business applications.

  • High performance MariaDB Enterprise Database Server.

  • Disk drive redundancy with two hard disks as RAID1; 3-5 drives as RAID5; and 6+ Drives as RAID6.
  • Disk Quota Management.
  • DHCP Server, DNS Server, Multi-Domain Server.
  • PHP Server – a server-side HTML embedded scripting language. It provides web developers with a full suite of tools for building dynamic websites.
  • Internet Access and Security, Firewall, Router, Web content filtering, remote access. Remote access using enhanced security features that reduce the risk of intrusion; OpenVPN Bridge + Site-to-Site, SSH Secure Shell remote access, Secure FTP, Secure HTTPS.
  • OpenVPN + Wireguard – Secure Certificate based VPN Access to shared server resources.
  • Automated Backup to tape, USB disk, NAS, or SMB workstation share.
  • AFFA (Automatische Festplatten Fernarchivierung). Onsite + Remote archiving server backup + restore.
  • Unlimited User, Group, Domain, and Email accounts.
  • Reliable and Secure, minimising business disruption.
  • Simple web-browser Administration and User configuration Panels.
  • Licensed under the General Public License (GPL)